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Any view you'd like ( Head Shot, mid Shot, Full body)
I will do any view you'd like.
Head Shot w/ video
I will draw a head shot of what or who you asked, I will include a speed paint on my YouTube channel
Mid Shot w/ video
I will draw a Mid shot ( half body) picture of what or who you asked. I will include a speed paint on my YouTube channel
Full Body w/ video
I will do a full body picture of what or who you ask. I will include a speed paint on my YouTube channel
A shaded picture of any view you like( head shot, mid shot, full body)w/ video
I will do a shaded picture of a Head shot, mid body, or full body, of any view you chose. I will include a speed paint on my YouTube channel.


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Whoops! (gore)
This is a Nathan. This isn't his real color palette but I thought makeing it different colors to make it more surreal.
I don’t understand why I came here. I don’t understand how I got here, all I know, is I'm stuck here. Stuck in a place I'm unfamiliar with. I felt cold, as if I'm dead. I know I'm sleeping, but why couldn't I wake up? I've been stuck here for thousand upon billion years. I can't, move. All I could do is think. But one day it finally changed.
          I couldn't remember why but I was trapped, I couldn't move, I couldn't even open my eye, but I some how knew I was alone, I knew I couldn't escape, I knew I was trapped. But, all of a sudden I felt a heartbeat. Someone was, holding me? A human no less, well, it felt a tad unhuman, but I didn't let that bother me. In a billion years my ears finally opened up, I heard something talking, two people, family? I couldn't move I could just listen, and I did. “WHATEVER YOU DO, do not open the box.” I heard a male voice say. As a reply I heard a younger female say “Okay.” What box? I was in a box? What even is a box? I had a lot of questions.
            I felt a bit of movement, my body was becoming alive again, as if it was rising from the dead. I started to have a odd feeling in the pit of my stomach as well as feel the box I was in. At first there was silence. “ Aww, it sounds cute…” I heard the female voice say again. Cute? Is she talking to me? I wish I could have said something. For a while, the thing outside kept listening, I know it was,  the first emotion I felt in a billion years, fear, I was terrified. Something outside was watching, Listening, and waiting, it poked the box, and I was scared, so I finally moved.
              My body moved as if I wasn't even controlling it. As my senses were coming back, it was so comfortable to be in a different position than what I was. The female gasped and giggled. What was so funny? She poked it again, my body mindlessly moved again, she giggled again. I, for some reason felt comfortable and cozy when she giggled, it seemed to jolly, like she was expecting a puppy to jump out and kiss her face. I wasn't no puppy, I knew I wasn't  a pet, I was a monster, a demon.
              Demons like me, I remember, I'm small, I can use a shoe as a little bed, the box was tiny too. Demons like me have different tails, corresponding with a ability, I guess I haven't found mine out. I also have wings, they're tiny and aren't strong at all, I forgot how to use them. After a while the thing opened the box to take a peek at me. I felt cold air swoosh into the box and over my body, as I breathed it in, my body clicked into action. I finally opened my eyes.
            I haven't used my eyes in so long my sight was blurry, I stared at the giant as my vision slowly came into focus. “Hey there little guy!” I heard her say in a welcoming voice. “Who…..Who are….you?” I replied. I was to tired to run in fear. “ I'm Megan! Who are you?” She smiled waiting for an answer. I realized, that I didn't know, I had no idea who I was, all I knew was I was trapped in a box, I'm a little demon and that. I was naked!
             I looked at myself to find I had nothing to wear! I covered myself a bit with my oversized tail. “UH! I-I don't know, I can't remember my name!” I yelled in embarrassment. D-don't look at me I'm naked!” Megan gave a look as she didn't like she was bothering me or making me unhappy. “ I need to look at you when I talk! “ She replied in a flustered way. I tried to stand up but my legs were too weak and unsteady so she picked me up.
             I felt it again, her heartbeat. Unhuman! But, she looks it. I realized her's, is like mine. She couldn't be a demon too.  There's a lot I have to explain before a continue the story. Megan is the daughter of Lucifer, granddaughter of Satan himself. Lucifer goes by the names Negative, No, or if at work Adam, he works at a Cafe. Lucifer married a sweet human named Charlotte, she works at the cafe to, she owns a bakery there. They got married and had two kids, Megan being the oldest and Ash, her little brother at the age of about 4. They are called demonlings, as they're human and demon at the same time, making them a tad weaker.
              But I couldn't believe it, she looked to human and she didn't have a real demon sent. I looked around. “Where am I?” I asked. She looked at me as if she were surprised I didn't​ know. “New York.” She answered. I don't know what New York was. Wheres Old York? What the hack is a York anyway, a type of bird? As if to stop the meaningless conversation, my stomach growled. She tilted her head. “ Are you hungry?” She asked. I nodded, as I hadn't eaten in, literally forever. “ I haven't​ eaten a while, I've be asleep for a billion years, I think.” I replied, in a tad bit in shame. Her eyes widened in shock. “ A billion years!? Gosh I was even thought about then! “ She screamed. She understood I was hungry so walked to the kitchen, she got a rag and wrapped it around me so I wouldn't be naked and cold. “ What do you want to eat? And later, you need to back in the box.” She said. “ Cherries! Please I love cherries!” I said as I hopefully griped to her thumb.
              She giggled and took a box of cherries from the fridge. She put me on the table and opened the box. I quickly started eating. I couldn't eat to much or I'd get sick, as the cherry was pretty much almost bigger then my body. After about 5 bites I was full and stopped eating. I sat there and remembered the box and what she said. “ Do you really have to put me back? She knew I didn't want to go back in but didn't have a choice, she frowned. “ My uncle will get mad at me.” She walked back into the living room, and sat next to the box. I stared at it and frowned. “ ….Maybe it's best if you put me back now…. I don't want to get you in trouble.” I said. I was speaking the truth, I knew I'd rather die than go back in the box, but I'd hate her to get into trouble over me. She sighed and put me in the box. She was kind enough to put the rag in and 5 cherries in. I looked at her with a bit of tears, she was such a kind girl I honestly wanted to get to know her more. “ Goodbye... Forever…...I guess.” I said. I was shocked to see her cry a bit to as she said goodbye and put the lid on the box.
            The fresh air was gone. The light was gone. The feelings of comfort was gone. Everything was gone. I looked at the rag and touched to my cheek. “She was the only ray of sun I've had in years, now all I have to remember her bye is a soft yellow rag.” I started feeling cold again, so I covered myself with the rag. Another billion years to go. Another lonely billion years to go. I looked up at the lid, waiting for her to open it again, even though I knew it wasn't going to happen. I burrowed into the the rag more. “ Might as well as, keep sleeping.” I looked at the lid once more, just to make sure…….then I closed my eyes for another billion years.
                All of a sudden, I felt odd. I felt a heartbeat again. It was fast, it woke me up. I looked around to see if she opened the lid again. I felt, light in the box, we're we flying!? To my surprise Megan ripped the lid of the box, took me in the rag out and threw it at something chasing her. It was an angel. Was that her uncle she was talking about? I looked at her in disbelief, she was a demonling, she was flying​ with giant dragon like wings. I stayed quiet as she got farther away from the angel. I finally noticed​ we were on top of a tall building. I was confused. “ What happened. Why did you take me out?” I asked. She looked at me. “ My uncle was going to throw you in a furnace, I couldn't let that happen.” she frowned as if that was her fault, I frowned too, then forced a smile to comfort just a bit. “Well, thanks. I guess. I mean you didn't have to do that, this is kind of my fault, if you hadn't had saw me you wouldn't be in such trouble.” I snuggled​ more into the rag, as it was really windy on top of the building.
            She shook her head. “No, it's my grandfather's fault.” She said. “Why?” I looked up to see she was staring right at me, she pet behind my ear. I couldn't resist purring. She explained to me what happened. So what I guess happened was she was planning to give me back to her uncle, which made me a tad sad but I understand. Her father came from work to ask what was wrong, I guess she didn't want Lucifer to worry. Her Uncle came through the window and asked her if she had a furnace. He said he was going to get rid of me as his father, Satan, asked. I didn't understand. One, how the hack did I get stuck with the princess of the fiery pit below, and two, why would he need to kill me!? I was extremely relieved but didn't ask her any questions. “ Wh-well thanks, you saved my life.” I nervously smiled.
             She just shrugged, I guess she was disappointed in her uncle or she wasn't normal. I can't really explain it, she just seemed, sad to me, but again I didn't ask any questions. After a while I heard yelling, the voice was familiar to me for some reason but I looked over to see him. Lucifer. Megan quickly flew down into a alley way, I guess she didn't want to take any chances as he might be trying to kill me too. He kept yelling. “MEGAN! MEGAN SWEETHEART COME HOME! MEGAN! YOUR WORRYING YOUR MOTHER AND I DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU! MEG!” He kept yelling. His voice was, calm and cozy. It seemed more, kind hearted and kind then people take Lucifer to be. The son of Satan, a family man, to humans no less, employed too. She stayed quiet for a while, I looked at her, I wanted her to go up to reassure her dad, he might be the demon Prince but that doesn't mean he's evil. Everything here would be dead by now, I guess he's learned to, love?
           She looked back, it was like we were talking telepathically. She didn't want to fly up and probably give me up, I could see it in her eyes, but I guess I got to her. “ I'm down here dad!” She yelled, but in a bit of a bumbed way. Lucifer quickly looked around spotted her and flew down. “ Hun! Wh-what are you doing out here?! It's cold! You don't even. Have your jacket on!” He yelled, his anger was clouded by worry. He was kind of tall, he looked healthy but not fit, he had wings close to Meg’s he had long black tail, one red eye and one yellow eye. His tail was long  with a bit of long gray fur at the end of it, it looked purposely chard and flammable. He wore a with t-shirt with jeans, as that's what he wore to work, he has a apron he wears too but took that off earlier.
           Megan again just shrugged. Lucifer's pointy ear twitched in annoyment like a cat. “ What does that mean!? Meg, we were all scared you'd get hurt, or worse raped!” He screamed. Raped!? He seemed protective. Megan blushed at him saying that. “ I-I didn't want Uncle Yes taking him from me.” She mumbled. “ Who's he?! You're not dating are you!? “ He screamed. Megan looked at him as he was crazy. “ You already know I have a boyfriend, dad!” she screamed. “ You’re only 10! The who you talking abo-” she just quickly showed me to probably shut him up, and I don’t blame her. Lucifer eye’s widened. “ How did you get him?” He asked. “ I don’t want to tell the story allll over again, I’ll tell you later. Where did Uncle Yes go?” she asked and put me in her pocket to be safer and warmer. “ He felt bad chasing you so he went to your granddad’s place to tell him he’s sorry.” He stood next to her. She looked up at him. “ Well it’s not his fault, why would he do that?” She asked as if she thought her uncle was stupid. “Well, he’s slow. Here, let’s go home and make a place on your desk foooorrr……..hey what even is his name?” He looked down a bit at me for an answer but I was to tired and comfortable to answer. Megan thought for a bit, and looked at me and smiled. “ His name is…...Ben.” She said for me. Ben, what a nice name. I loved it.
They flew back to the house and took the box, they took the rag from me and put rags in the box to make a bed then used the rag like a blanket, they covered me. I have never felt so loved in my life. I liked this feeling. I don’t understand why I came here. I don’t understand how I got here, all I know, is I'm stuck here. Stuck in a place I'm unfamiliar with. I felt warm and happy. I knew I wanted to stay here. I’m Ben, and my new friend Megan and her family. Let’s all play along nicely.
Ben #1
If you have any questions you can ask me or Kaylie

This is about my new oc Ben! a tiny demon that came from a box! He's about as tall as a small apple!

Let me knew if you want me to continue this as series 
This is Kittycatkaylies oc, she just wanted me to draw it, so I decided to paint it. This is also is my oc Travis, big brother, Travis is gay, Marty is bi

this is my very grumpy, and glutton naga =w=

i love him with all my heart 
He's stranded on an island of a native colony : D
SO, TODAY I WAS IN A LITTLE PANIC! I was at my grandma's...and i DA password is a bit too long for my  small brain to handle......and i reset it......and it would not work for my account............I SENT 16 EMAILS TO MY EMAIL TO RESET MY PASSWORD! i got mad.....and i changed my password ONE more time....and left it alone.....cuz i didnt want to bother or worry about i just got home.......AND I GOT SOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD! i have this page saved to my favorites.....meaning i just have to click a link instead of typing everything out....and i thought everything will be okay......NOPE! I GOT SOOOOO MAD! I SENT A COUPLE MORE EMAILS! then i gave up and just started typing crap in........and guess what......the password i changed at my grandma's, WORKED!.......Je jure devant Dieu, I WILL NEVER LOG OUT OR CHANGE MY PASSWORD EVER AGAIN!!!!!  :angry: 


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I'm Hannah Lee-Ann Holbrook, or 2cat03 ( on DA) OR Toocat03 (on youtube)

I love to do art trades, adoptions, just plan out draw, ect..

I love: Role Playing, writing, drawing, and playing music

If you'd like to do an art trade, or adopt anything i put out for adoption, comment me.

thank you!


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